Mar. 31st, 2010


Mar. 31st, 2010 01:40 pm
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So am going to finally get a proper website design and function sorted. (although the functionality is probably nothing popular widgets can't handle)

I know I know people who can do this - what I don't know if any one is actually working at the end of "building small clients sites"

Does anybody want to quote for it?

Awkward client not quite sure what she wants in terms of design and separating out different elements of her work - but other than that pretty sure of current and mid term functionality required - so appreciates site builder who can guide through maze of marketing thought as well as technical. Will want to be able to do own copy (and maybe sub page) additions after first design phase.

If you want to recommend friends please do so but not, at this stage, just "companies what you have worked with"

Won't be more than about ten different pages total I don't think, may be as few as three or four plus various widgety things. EG needs blog, twitter feed, main page, contacts, gallery, calendar, then static pages with different work offered. Crucial difference to what is currently at is that I want to have the blog part of the site, with the "what skills/shows I offer" foregrounded and the blog in the background rather than current set up. And I have to split "mainstream storyteller lots with very dark themes - including some schools work (eg like the stuff I keep at" "strategy and marketing consultant" and "bohemian/burlesque bawdy tales teller" Would actually like to find a way to make all those a part of one identity - whilst having the schools work stuff stored somewhere else that doesn't lead the kids looking at their work easily to the rest...

Will provide more detailed spec once I know if I know anyone to send the spec to!

timeline - to be sorted by mid summer if possible.


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