Oct. 19th, 2010

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Well I'm running round the country trying to decide where I actually live, and definitely not knowing where I work!
Starting multiple routes to getting the storytelling going...

I'm promoting a regular storytelling night that is scraping break even in the Lakes (can fix for next year with nice program of marketing to tourists, didn't have everything in place for this autumn), and I'm looking to promote my own shows in other cities where I know enough people to be sure of an audience.

I'm looking at the possibility of a private hire of a pub/bar function room somewhere in London. So questions to my Londoner friends are:
WC/EC best for a working week evening? Would just south or just north of the river also be possible or Notting Hill/Kensington (some very good venues appear to be there)
If tickets were a tenner but included a cocktail as well as 1.5 hours performance with an interval - would that seem reasonable?
Can I get 30 - 50 people, using the contacts I know - on just 3 weeks promotion and no flyers? Probably not - so scrap November below...
Plan to try two different shows -one possibly as soon as the last week of November if I can get organised when in London at the end of the first week! - Love and Loss which is all poetic and darkly Romantic and Bawdy tales - which isn't.

Also, is anyone sufficiently confident that they know people in any cities other than London or Birmingham, that they would like to promote a gig for me. I need a minimum of 20 in the audience for it to feel worthwhile, and a ticket price which leaves at least £75 for me after paying venue costs and any cut you want to take for yourself! I'll provide the publicity and help hunt suitable venues! Long shot I know - but them what never asks...

Birmingham I think is gonna be the Pat Kav in Moseley or somewhere in Digbeth (ugh!)- but I'm venue checking out tomorrow anyway...


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