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After a brief thought about trying to organise a costume ball/theatre evening in Hawkstone Caves for New Years (possibly to be resurrected at some point in time where planning is not so short...and I have time to go and talk to Roger) I began wondering about alternatives.

Would anybody interested in a "make and entertain" short break from 27th December - 2nd Jan?
The idea would be to pitch up on the Monday, thrash out ideas for a street theatre performance/game/adventure - make, plan and rehearse it over the week, and perform it on the New Year's evening somwhere in some town or city where we can get permission that would find that acceptable, but where there is enough other stuff going on that we don't need to advertise in advance.

Could be anywhere - UK or Europe - hired cottage or people's houses in a central place - budget to suit people that are available. Equally it could be an adult project or one that incorporates small growing creatures depending on who might consider it.

Budapest appeals if Overseas - as I've never been there, not sure for UK, fancied Edinburgh but the streets look too packed for anything to be seen - maybe Bath?

Any flickers of interest?


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