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I did it! I have horrid tooth/half sinus/half headache - but a visit to a highly recommended dentist taking my round trip daily walking yesterday to 6 miles - tells me there is nothing wrong with my teeth and they are probably just recovering from being disturbed by me having a cold.
I have to ignore, and get on with things, and, having got very close to nowhere with my first for credit essay before a couple of skype conversations, was thinking about just watching Douglas Fairbanks Thief of Baghdad instead and then falling asleep. Instead however I have written about 900 words and culled them back down to the 400 that was the maximum allowed to critique a 3 day event (!!!!!).
I am win. If still ouch.
dinner now then i might manage a real blog too
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Looking for images to use as headers for my blog - anything a mutual friend has created that you think might fit my style - please point me at it! obviously I'll check with them before using.
(reposted from amid the confusing contact detail stuff from yesterday)

Also - jfs has made a feed for my american blogging - so here you go - keep up the easy way.

still alive

Sep. 6th, 2009 09:44 am
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Am here, still alive.
web presence now streamlined
email: katq@dreamfired.co.uk please note both ashenkat and dreamfirecreative addresses will demise within a month
Would appreciate people that can be bothered emailing me just so I can put their address in the new contact system
blog (and mini website pages, but mostly blog: www.dreamfired.co.uk (/feed to get the RSS i believe) - am hoping that changing blogging sites will help me change my approach to blogging and get more interesting posts - so LJ will become a zone for read only and occassional technical pleas for help for me.
twitter and facebook @dreamfired dreamfired
blog is having a new header image every month - starting with one from Cam and one from Jane - if anyone wants to point me at an image I should use, please feel free - I want them in advance to get moo cards made up
First blog up now if you want to know what I think of America so far!


Aug. 24th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Could anyone who uses Skype and might like to talk to me look me up - Katquatermass and add me, or leave their Skype names here.
Especially useful for late night peeps - as most eves my availability to chat is going to be 6 - 10pm here - which is 11pm - 3am for you!
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any netbook thoughts?

am after one to take to USA - small (I'll be carrying it every day) decent battery and according to my advisor so far Ubuntu compatible seem to be the priorities...
am confused by the different hard drive sizes - apparently the flash ones are less prone to breaking so am I best with a machine with a small flash/ssd drive, plus an external for my music, or with one of the mammoth drives that are not of this type... does it also affect weight and battery life?

most likely to be buying through misco due to advisor with discount deals


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