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are there people still reading here that I don't see on facebook? If so have you heard about my 365 project The Silence Experiment.
Volunteers needed, will travel



A plea

May. 14th, 2011 10:40 pm
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Has anybody got any x-rays tucked away that they'd happily part with? Don't care what body part, just need one to write a clue for Marie Curie on...
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Is anyone in London away on the weekend of 16th April and interested in loaning their house out. We are running an event at White Mischief 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and will be looking for space to sleep about 8-10 people (not necessarily all in great comfort), but ideally in the same place. We'd be turning up at about 4 or 5 am - hence the 'is anyone away' part of the question...

Bloggin 2

Jan. 7th, 2011 08:55 am
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Mr Lupercal created a syndicated feed for my new blog. If you sign up to it, please then unfriend me, so I don't tell you things twice.
If you aren't interested, please unfriend me, then I don't bore you any more and will, hopefully after a while, with people choosing one or the other, I'll be able to lay this journal to rest without losing contact with people I don't see often enough but wish I did!
Course you can also go straight to the blog at www.perfectlyflawedworld.wordpress.com if you are a google reader type



Jan. 6th, 2011 05:09 pm
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I gone bin dun some more bloggin.
At last.
Its here - because I find it much easier to make look shiny and nice than old LJ.

A little theorising about how to run games during a club night party, and some vanity.
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Well I'm running round the country trying to decide where I actually live, and definitely not knowing where I work!
Starting multiple routes to getting the storytelling going...

I'm promoting a regular storytelling night that is scraping break even in the Lakes (can fix for next year with nice program of marketing to tourists, didn't have everything in place for this autumn), and I'm looking to promote my own shows in other cities where I know enough people to be sure of an audience.

I'm looking at the possibility of a private hire of a pub/bar function room somewhere in London. So questions to my Londoner friends are:
WC/EC best for a working week evening? Would just south or just north of the river also be possible or Notting Hill/Kensington (some very good venues appear to be there)
If tickets were a tenner but included a cocktail as well as 1.5 hours performance with an interval - would that seem reasonable?
Can I get 30 - 50 people, using the contacts I know - on just 3 weeks promotion and no flyers? Probably not - so scrap November below...
Plan to try two different shows -one possibly as soon as the last week of November if I can get organised when in London at the end of the first week! - Love and Loss which is all poetic and darkly Romantic and Bawdy tales - which isn't.

Also, is anyone sufficiently confident that they know people in any cities other than London or Birmingham, that they would like to promote a gig for me. I need a minimum of 20 in the audience for it to feel worthwhile, and a ticket price which leaves at least £75 for me after paying venue costs and any cut you want to take for yourself! I'll provide the publicity and help hunt suitable venues! Long shot I know - but them what never asks...

Birmingham I think is gonna be the Pat Kav in Moseley or somewhere in Digbeth (ugh!)- but I'm venue checking out tomorrow anyway...
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Not yet decided what you're doing Halloween weekend? Ben Mars and Nige Potts are running another walk/cross country panto/lrp for the public at the fabulous Hawkstone Caves site complete with Follies and Caves.

Hawkstone Manor, the grim, granite faced lunatic asylum across the hill, is in chaos.Patients with Downright Challenging Behaviours have scattered out into the darkened night, many of them now infected with Vampyre Plague. Some may ...look... perfectly normal, others have already begun their transformation into Denizens of the Night. Ada and Abraham Van Helsing have managed to track the Vampyre to its lair.

Amusing character roles, weird gribbly sound and movement parts, endless hot drinks and a nearby bed for the night, plus help with travel expenses available to anyone who feels like crewing with us on 30th October. Somewhere between LRP and street theatre, basically a series of set piece encounters at a stunning location.

And if you can't make it – have you got kit that could be borrowed? They're looking especially for graveyard stones; Roman armour; laboratory equipment and Victorianesque vampire slaying gear.

more detailed info is behind the LJ cut, email Ben or Nige mentioning my name if they don't know you if you feel like taking part or just want to ask questions...

with ada van helsing )
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After a brief thought about trying to organise a costume ball/theatre evening in Hawkstone Caves for New Years (possibly to be resurrected at some point in time where planning is not so short...and I have time to go and talk to Roger) I began wondering about alternatives.

Would anybody interested in a "make and entertain" short break from 27th December - 2nd Jan?
The idea would be to pitch up on the Monday, thrash out ideas for a street theatre performance/game/adventure - make, plan and rehearse it over the week, and perform it on the New Year's evening somwhere in some town or city where we can get permission that would find that acceptable, but where there is enough other stuff going on that we don't need to advertise in advance.

Could be anywhere - UK or Europe - hired cottage or people's houses in a central place - budget to suit people that are available. Equally it could be an adult project or one that incorporates small growing creatures depending on who might consider it.

Budapest appeals if Overseas - as I've never been there, not sure for UK, fancied Edinburgh but the streets look too packed for anything to be seen - maybe Bath?

Any flickers of interest?
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Hi all, please pass this google calendar on to any networks of people you know who might like free transport around Britain, especially those of you with younger/still student friends/ other car less friends.
The national car sharing sites only seem to be any use for regular communter journeys - this is my way of trying to make my shuttling around the country less eco-dubious.
Hopefully this link works - please yell if it doesn't.
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Is anybody (friends of friends as well as people I actually know) in the Brum area unemployed and up for heavy lifting for cash? There will also be tea drinking/morale boosting as I faff and pack. I'm moving out of my house over the next few weeks - with a big push on Tuesday 31st Aug and Weds 1st Sept - and could do with someone the Tuesday afternoon to help load, travel to Shropshire and unload and Wednesday morning to help me load before I head north to the Lakes.
I can probably pay about a tenner an hour...


Aug. 16th, 2010 05:14 pm
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Hi all,

I'm coming to Maelstrom. May join the Carnival after an invite this weekend. May Crew having failed to keep that promise for years now. Or May just play. Will be playing a storyteller again, but necessarily different to the last one. Would like to play Avian or a new world race I think (certainly not human, it will help with differentiating character and storytelling style, and not Gnoll - I don't fancy the full head masks).

Who do I know still playing and what cultures are you in?

re-addicted LRPer
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what do you use for managing your reference materials?
I've had refworks cos ETSU recommend it but have never liked it
Zotero - but I don't understand it
any other suggestions
Ideally I'd like to be able to store all the online journal refs as links or pdfs in it with multiple tags rather than duplicating them in my file folders back on the pc. Plus I'd like to be able to attach long notes documents too. And even better if I can actually highlight the text and put notes in specific places... too much perhaps?

Also - when back in the UK I'm going to have two computers - what is the best way to store everything on the one hard drive and remote access. Do I go for some kind of uploading place - it needs to be able to cope with some basic adobe files - not sure if google docs can?
Or do I go for some thing where one pc can see the other that will probably be horribly slow..

Thoughst appreciated


May. 13th, 2010 01:21 pm
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ironically, having decided to pay for someone to do my own website, I am currently updating the department one here. using a template made in dreamweaver and then working mostly in the horrid Microsoft Web Expressions - cos it is what they do.
Anyway I have a very specific question. I have a very tiny style sheet for the whole thing mostly to standardise how links display, but for some reason, the pages have stopped using the a:hover information in it. The code is correct - identical to all the other bits of link code, which are working... a:visited a:link and a:active are all fine...
Anything really obvious I should check for?


Mar. 31st, 2010 01:40 pm
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So am going to finally get a proper website design and function sorted. (although the functionality is probably nothing popular widgets can't handle)

I know I know people who can do this - what I don't know if any one is actually working at the end of "building small clients sites"

Does anybody want to quote for it?

Awkward client not quite sure what she wants in terms of design and separating out different elements of her work - but other than that pretty sure of current and mid term functionality required - so appreciates site builder who can guide through maze of marketing thought as well as technical. Will want to be able to do own copy (and maybe sub page) additions after first design phase.

If you want to recommend friends please do so but not, at this stage, just "companies what you have worked with"

Won't be more than about ten different pages total I don't think, may be as few as three or four plus various widgety things. EG needs blog, twitter feed, main page, contacts, gallery, calendar, then static pages with different work offered. Crucial difference to what is currently at www.dreamfired.co.uk is that I want to have the blog part of the site, with the "what skills/shows I offer" foregrounded and the blog in the background rather than current set up. And I have to split "mainstream storyteller lots with very dark themes - including some schools work (eg like the stuff I keep at www.storyjunction.wordpress.com" "strategy and marketing consultant" and "bohemian/burlesque bawdy tales teller" Would actually like to find a way to make all those a part of one identity - whilst having the schools work stuff stored somewhere else that doesn't lead the kids looking at their work easily to the rest...

Will provide more detailed spec once I know if I know anyone to send the spec to!

timeline - to be sorted by mid summer if possible.


Feb. 20th, 2010 12:55 pm
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One will-be-jet-lagged storyteller looking for group - any of the more "exotic" cultures - ie not greek or roman for preference
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An access question. I have a database with a booking field which has a date based input mask.
I want to run a query based on multiple tables(yes a query not a report) which replaces the date based on the input mask which doesn't include day of the week, with a column displaying day of the week.

Booking= Format(Date(), "dddd, mmm d yyyy") I thought all I had to do was put this in the Field header for the column - but apparently not - it returns an error message

Anyone help?
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Performing/open rehearsals in Birmingham and Shropshire in Jan. (7th Brum 15th Broseley)
If anyone non facebook enabled or not from Birmingham or Shropshire wants to come, ping me for more details...
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Many thanks to the Search Engine Crew - I have sent Lethan off with some pointers, and when I actually care about people finding my website, will be commissioning someone to sort it out for me. Small brain, not enough space.

Another question - I was about to say in a presentation of the difference between arab and western european folktales is sometimes blurred because translators mistranslate Djinn as Fairy and then expound upon the Djinn having a place within Islam. Then I realised I didn't know if the bargain or binding is rooted in islamic mysticism or purely made up AM mythic reality... answers on a postcard please!
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Hi all,

am looking at how well a student may or may not have search optimized his website. And google's past history stuff will skew my results.
Could someone try googling the following combinations

storyteller middle school tennessee

storyteller jonesborough

storyteller east tennessee

storyteller journey stories

The site you are looking to see if it comes up is Lethan Candlish of traveling tales - its fine on his name but would like to know about anything else



Oct. 9th, 2009 06:49 am
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planning to order a pair of custom timberland boots to cope with the autumn winter here since my cheap boots just died. Anyone with Friday boredom want to play with the www.timberland.com design panel and pick me a colour pattern. to be worn mostly over black leggings,sometimes teal jeans or demin with black, teal, red or pink skirts. Am thinking black, white, navy and pewter as the limits of colour options probably - but I don't have that eye for colour that some people do..
Women's 14inch is the starting model.
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