May. 13th, 2010


May. 13th, 2010 01:21 pm
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ironically, having decided to pay for someone to do my own website, I am currently updating the department one here. using a template made in dreamweaver and then working mostly in the horrid Microsoft Web Expressions - cos it is what they do.
Anyway I have a very specific question. I have a very tiny style sheet for the whole thing mostly to standardise how links display, but for some reason, the pages have stopped using the a:hover information in it. The code is correct - identical to all the other bits of link code, which are working... a:visited a:link and a:active are all fine...
Anything really obvious I should check for?
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what do you use for managing your reference materials?
I've had refworks cos ETSU recommend it but have never liked it
Zotero - but I don't understand it
any other suggestions
Ideally I'd like to be able to store all the online journal refs as links or pdfs in it with multiple tags rather than duplicating them in my file folders back on the pc. Plus I'd like to be able to attach long notes documents too. And even better if I can actually highlight the text and put notes in specific places... too much perhaps?

Also - when back in the UK I'm going to have two computers - what is the best way to store everything on the one hard drive and remote access. Do I go for some kind of uploading place - it needs to be able to cope with some basic adobe files - not sure if google docs can?
Or do I go for some thing where one pc can see the other that will probably be horribly slow..

Thoughst appreciated


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